dBCube for Decibel Festival
The Microsoft Cube is an interactive art installation platform born from a brainstorm of how to create something that would uniquely live at the intersection of technology and design. The Cube uses multiple Kinects to detect presence and basic body shapes in 360 degrees. #dBcube is a four-sided digital dance experience that connects dancers on opposite sides of Microsoft’s Cube with dynamic virtual ribbons.
As Art Director, I was ultimately responsible for the initial look and feel. I then worked with the creative and dev team to dial in the final output.
2014 - 2015
Range of work
Art direction
Visual design
Creative Direction
Josh Santangelo
UX Design
Greg Kaufman
Jules Konig
Joel Pryde
Project Video

Microsoft Labs
Most of the fabrication of the Cube happened in the Microsoft Labs workshop. We also used their space for much of the staging.

Seattle Interactive Conference
The cube was really well received at the Decibel Festival, so we were asked to show it at SIC. Re-skinning the visuals with the conference's branding just required swapping out some textures and tweaking some color parameters. Sadly,  the Cube was placed in the middle of the convention center and it was a bit bright for it to truly be appreciated!