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Intel - Connect to Life Experience


Spanning the full 2200 square-foot non-uniform projection mapped wave that was the show piece of Intel’s booth at CES in Las Vegas, attendees used one of six custom-fabricated sensing stations around the perimeter of the booth to create a silhouette from which a unique bioluminescent life form was created. The animated life forms interacted with each other in playfully around the ecosystem.


I helped develop the overall experience, designed the environment and final creatures, and the UI for the input stations. All of this required close collaboration with the client, our creative team, and development.





My Role

Visual Design Lead
Project Video
Mood board
This mood board was the first step to communicating ideas with the team. The work of Robert Hodgin was a major inspiration. Most of these ideas didn't make it past the ideation phase.
Early Concepts
We went through several rounds of brainstorming and concept development with the Stimulant team, Foghorn Creative, and Intel. These are some of the early concepts I created to help communicate ideas.
Life Forms
I worked side-by-side with our developer to create the framework for various creatures for the ecosystem. If you look closely, each life form is constructed from hand gestures around an Intel core. They each had their own swimming motion and were totally unique.
The Set up
18 PCs all boy-grouped together. These machines kept our heat-free office nice and warm all winter long! Left: You can see a bit of the projection-mapping in the fancy behind the scenes shot.