Intel — Internet of Things Exhibit
An immersive, interactive 3D Illustration for the Intel Museum.
Type of Project
Design Team
My Role
Museum Exhibit
Art Direction, Visual Design, UI Design, Animation, 3D Modeling
Nathan Moody, Andrea Nelson, Jules Konig, Joel Pryde

For the Intel Museum in Santa Clara, our team was tasked with designing and developing an interactive experience that is engaging and educational to visitors of all ages all while highlighting the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT.) Our solution, was a 4x3 interactive video wall located in the heart of the Intel Museum. It showcases a stunning, immersive view of a visually rich 3D connected city teeming with life, that invites users to physically interact and develop a deeper understanding of the IoT.

My Responsibilities
I was responsible for the look and feel, animation, and all 3D modeling. I also worked closely with the UX designer to define the concept and the Developer throughout the entire build process.
Project Video
Process Info
Here is a previz I made showing an idea I had for the transition from the attract screen to the main interaction screen. The team and the client loved it, so it made it into the final build.
Process Info
This is a pretty poor quality render from Cinema 4D showing the full animation of the city.
Animation for Intel powered autonomous cars.
Animation for "Intel's Smart Cities."