Philly from the Top
Multi-touch gigapixel image explorer.
Type of Project
Design Team
My Role
Interactive City Explorer
Visual Design, UI Design, Motion Design
AD/VD: Jules Konig, UX: Nathan Moody

Stimulant collaborated with photography studio Panogs to design a 360° zoomable gigapixel panorama with over 100 points of interest. Deployed on six touchscreen PCs, each device’s view was hand-calibrated to what could be seen from the nearby windows. The system supported five different languages, day and night panoramas, and more.

The goal was to design and develop an interactive experience meant to engage and excite visitors about the history and culture of Philadelphia.

My Responsibilities
I was responsible for the overall look and feel and user interface.
Project Video
Animation Concepts
The interface had a day mode and a night mode. These were a couple of the options for an animated loader.
The interface featured several historical points of interest and required a special pin icon to help them stand out. My inspiration was classic Benjamin Franklin glasses. These are some options I shared with the team.
UI Elements