OUE — Skyspace Immersive Experiences
Large-scale digital installations for the US Bank Tower in Los Angeles.
Type of Project
Design Team
My Role
Art Installations
Art Direction, Visual Design, Motion Design, 3D
CD: Gensler, Darren David (Stimulant), AD/VD/3D/MD: Jules Konig, UX: Dana Smith, Dev: Michael Chang, Ritesh Lala, Illustration: Tremendousness

The US Bank Tower in Los Angeles, the tallest building west of the Mississippi, gives visitors access to some of the most stunning views of LA, but it requires visitors to transfer between elevator banks in order to get to the top. To make the transition interesting and entertaining, we created three unique digital installations that gradually expose visitors to the view they will experience from the observation deck at the top of the tower.

My Responsibilities
I was lead visual designer and the art director for all three exhibits and created proof of concept 3D models and 2D animations to communicate with the client and development team.
Project Video
360° Landscape
The first experience is the 360 Landscape, a 50’ x 30’ interactive projection-mapped ellipsoid space which surrounds visitors with an abstract representation of the topography of Los Angeles, as rendered from the viewpoint of the tower. We used Kinect sensor technology to detect presence and proximity of each visitor and based on where they stand, are presented with animated illustrations depicting different locations throughout the LA area.

A custom-fabricated railing hides a collection of LEDs which animate in front of visitors as they approach, drawing them toward the projection. Visitors move around the space at their own pace to crack open each gem and uncover playfully-animated graphics for points of interest that are visible from the top floor.

The ellipse also includes a highly-specialized video mode, facilitating playback of custom-produced content at up to 11,520 x 1,200 resolution, synchronized across two separate walls.

My Role:
I designed the look and feel for the environment, sourced and art directed the illustration work, and animated the illustrations. To share creative, I built the environment in 3D using Cinema 4D. I also created maps for the placement of the illustrations.
We established 20 points of interest to illustrate and animate. I worked with the amazingly talented Tremendousness to suss out the style and create the final artwork. I then took their illustrations and animated each one using Adobe Animate to shoot out HTML and CSS.
Top: 3D rendering of the landscape to help art direct the developer. Middle: Image showing spacing/sizing/direction in actual sizes. Bottom: Images showing how I used Google map data to establish POI placement relative to the position of the exhibit in physical space. It was tricky.
Infinity Mirror
The second installation is a digitally-enhanced infinity mirror that is built into the floor and its shape is designed to mimic the iconic crown at the top of the building. The infinity mirror is lined with animating LEDs which animate based on visitor presence and can be customized to celebrate various themes.

My Role:
I created 3D versions of the infinity mirror in Cinema4D to help art direct the lighting and form of the structure.
3D Reflection Tests
Top: Cinema 4D canvas showing the basic model. Below: As a proof of concept, I built simple 3D models to show how light might bounce around inside the infinity mirror. These were crude, but the helped direct where mirrors and lights should be placed and gave the fabricators something to work with.
Reflection Wall
The third installation is a 30′ wall that features an interactive particle system which tracks visitor movement and captures their pose before casting their shape upwards.

My Role:
I directed our developer through the use of mock ups and animations built in Adobe After Effects, then tweaked the final parameters to dial in the final look.
In After Effects, I used motion capture to simulate the particle effects. I first used a dancer over a green screen, but the movement wasn't very realistic, so I opted to capture myself. Fun times!
Collaboration FTW
Our developers at Stimulant were awesome. This is a screenshot of the tool box that was built for me, that allowed me to customize everything for the final build. Having control over the final delivery always feels nice.
2017 Horizon Interactive Awards

2017 HOW International Design Awards
Merit Award

2016 The FWA of the Day
The FWA of the Day Winner