WorkFlowy is a mobile and desktop application that consists of a single digital document which allows you to easily organize hundreds of thousands of notes, ideas, and projects. It's basically a document that contains infinite documents inside it. Sounds simple, right? Well, simple is exactly how the thousands of cult-like followers wants it.

The product started out as an idea that the CEO, Jesse Patel originally came up with in school to solve a personal need. Over the span of 10 years, it was honed and perfected with regular input from its users. Over time, the product grew and needed some extra design love to take it to the next level.

That's where I came in...
I was hired to help with 3 things. First, the mobile and desktop app needed a visual update and a more cohesive design language. Second, the WorkFlowy visual brand needed a refresh. This meant designing a new logo, animations, fonts, and colors. Lastly, the website had to be updated to incorporate the new visual style and accommodate some new features.
Range of work
Art direction
Visual design
UI design
UX Design
Jesse Patel
Michael Leggett
Jesse Patel
Jacob Green
Stephano J. Attardi
This is just a small set of options I came up with for the updated WorkFlowy logo mark and app icon. We felt it was important to keep the dots from the original concept, and give it a fresh look.
Mobile App
iOS Mobile App Screens
A selection of screens from the redesigned iOS mobile app. Lots of new features were added for the redesign some of which included per line editing, custom color themes, and tabs.
Desktop App
Every feature was explored to great lengths, here I'm showing what different types of tags could look and feel like.
Exploration for different tag highlight shapes and how the custom color picker could be attached.
Color Options
Exploration of tagging color pallets.